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A bit of technique and traveling goods! It is convenient to take it to the trip of GW!

Soon, it is coming soon Golden Week! See all you can eat all-you-can-eat menu and watch class B gourmet specials! It’s time to enter into work or not to enter!
Since the consecutive holidays, I would like to stretch wings slowly, about 2 nights or so, if you can, about 2 nights 3 days.


So we will continue to introduce collectibles that make Mr.Pochari’s Travel comfortable this time.
Although it is a little thing, it is a convenient item with a technique to take with you.

B6 size clear case


In the travel destination, we ride a train or a bus and then looking forward a famous place are also enjoy.
Papers such as tickets, admission tickets and leaflets are issued here and there, so it is convenient to put in a small clear case so that it will not become messy with pockets and hands.
For Aoki, we recommend a soft type clear case which is easier to put in and out than a hard type, even a big hand even small pieces of paper.

Spray with insect repellant and refreshing scent

The perfect season for traveling is also a period when mosquitoes and insects are active.
On the trip of course the city we enjoy the nature when insects are gathered so that does not enjoy the city.
Also, it is said that body temperature is high, the person always sweat is easy to be bitten by mosquitoes.
Let’s take insect repellent spray. It can be used from the top of the clothes, because it is a natural component gentle to the body it can be used with peace of mind even with weak skin. A refreshing fragrance drifts further, you can refresh!

Mosquitoes escape, girls come by?! Natural insect repellant body mist with a refreshing scent!

Washing net

The laundry net, go in advance to put the clothes to wear tomorrow, and the way back, take home to put the clothes took off, it is easy just throw and pop as it is a washing machine. By the way, Middo’s washing net is big enough to accommodate 2 sheets of 6L size knit.
washing net
Extra-large laundry net (square type)

convenience store shopping bag (large and small) several sheets

When the luggage increases, it becomes a sub bag, and it can be used in various scenes, such as a bag cover when rain fell, a garbage bag, and so on.

folding umbrella

It is belongings of the easy method. I do not know when the weather will turn bad, so it is an item which makes to bring it. When you buy a plastic umbrella on the road, even if the rain stops, it can be shut up by one hand.

UVION large size 70 cm light weight strong water repellent like a folded umbrella, even with the umbrella closed and the stick extending, even with a 2-way type storage bag that can be stored even in a short folded condition can be carried.
It’s also lighter so you can move with your hands if you fasten it with a snap button through the carrying cord of the storage bag in the bag and it is convenient to take out immediately.
It’s a mid-prime umbrella with a diameter of 120 cm, which allows me to avoid getting wide shoulders wet, so I introduced a bit (laugh).

The trip is exciting from the preparation!
Please do not worry about what you should wear and see if you also want a good coordination list and refer ♪
Travel / Travel Coordination List
Other preparations are possible.
Blog: A tiny bit of tricky traveling goods! It is convenient to take it to the spring trip!

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