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G1 CLIMAX 2017 is spectacular enough! Main of B block first match was high perfection!

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July 17 “G1 CLIMAX2017” began, has five games have finished at the stage of July 25.
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Last time talked about the main “Nito players VS Iriyashi” in the first round of the A block, so this time will tell about the main “Kenny Omega players VS Suzuki Minoru” in the first round of the B block!

Minoru Suzuki was 49 years old in 1986, and he is the same age as Nagata who graduated from G1 because he wanted to hand over to his juniors this year as an opportunity, the older player of the tournament.
Both are trained, so do not see it at 49 years old very much. In the length of the professional wrestling record, the overwhelming Suzuki Minoru players and the Okadoka Kazushika players have been touched by the fierce battle of IWGP battle, and very concerned because it is one of the IWGP US heavyweight champion Kenny Omega players.

The game, but think that they were games that made use of each other’s taste.
Especially Suzuki Minoru players are artistic in joint technique and go to harden the ankle of Kenny Omega player many times over and over again. Tightening up to the point that “This is useless !!” was stoked.
Suzuki took a bit of the skit of Kenny Omega and brought it to ankle hold since made his legs cross-shaped, and it was developing with no waste in the flow.

Although Kenny Omega had been aimed at the ankle thoroughly, many times, “V trigger”, with a run and putting out a technique to kick the opponent with the knee strongly gives damage to the Suzuki player with a weak foot I will continue.
The last person was damaged by each other and from the state of being too much tired, Kenny Omega players took 3 counts with “One Wing Angel”.
The Kenny Omega players provoked opponents on the way and showed a sense of competition, and the production of the wrestling of the Showa was also taken, and felt the breadth of how to show.

It was 21 minutes, but the contents are dark anyway!
It is an impression.
Think that Suzuki Minoru’s presence and joint skill can be satisfied, think that it is a good game that could also enjoy Kenny Omega players’ bottom power and breadth of width.
Although G1 continues to Bon Festival, can not wait to see each game for fun!