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The topic of Pokemon GO! Diet effect at! ?

Pokemon GO who is talking about everyday.
Mid also excites excellently without exception!
There seems to be some strong men who are collecting over 100 Pokemon monsters.


Moreover, not only enjoying the game but also staff who is dieting with Pokemon GO.

What is a diet with Pokemon GO?

Walking and searching for the appearing in unexpected places and at unexpected moments Pokemon, this action itself is just a walking diet!
The more you collect Pokemon, the more it burns fat as you walk.
This can expect a considerable diet effect.


Furthermore, walking to a place called ‘Pocket Stop’ where items can be collected is also a worthwhile exercise.
Some of the staff doubles as a post-meal exercise and walks to “Pocket Stop” near Mid, such a diet is popular.
Surprisingly “Pocket Stop” is densely surrounding the mid-office, so if you cross the “POKE STOP” everyday you can expect to consume calories.

That said, it’s boring to go walking around and it’s going to halve the effect.

So, I will show you how to effectively do Pokemon GO diet.

How to make a diet effective with Pokemon GO?

In order to enjoy a diet while playing the game, I think that it is good to take care of this.

Walking timing · · · · · Walking method · · · Walking with large fork which is easy to consume calories is effective
Before walking … If you send a signal saying that you will exercise from now on adjusting your breathing and drinking water, your body will begin preparing for consumption


While enjoying the topic game, the diet is two birds with one stone! You are complete as well!
※ It is a manner of society to refrain from acts that will cause annoyance to walking smuggies and surrounding people

In addition, if you have breakthrough Pokemon GO diet please let us know!

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