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Basic maintenance ~ baking soda editing ~

Hello, this is Mid International.
Hot day continues.
On such a hot day, I’m curious about my sweat.
Especially when wearing a white T – shirt many times, the side part will turn yellow.
When it turns yellow, I can not easily drop it in a washing machine there!
A thorough investigation as to whether mid-staff can easily drop this yellow tint.

yellow tint

Finally I found a way to easily drop off yellow tint!
Today, I will introduce about yellowing remover.

  1. Oxygen bleach + baking soda

    how to wash

    Oxygen bleach 1: Make detergent with sodium bicarbonate 1
    Melt oxygen bleach and baking soda in the same amount of lukewarm water.
    (Always use oxygen bleach.)

  2. Attach it to the yellowish part

    how to remove

    With the shirt wet with hot water, attach the detergent as before.
    (It is convenient to use a toothbrush which you do not need)

  3. Iron steam is applied.

    how to iron
    Steam was injected without attaching to the cloth, with the iron lightly floating,
    Please give heat.
    ※ Please do not hit the iron directly.

  4. Take it off! !

    Afterwards, if you do the laundry as usual, you can have a beautiful yellow tint.

using maintenance tools

◆ Notes ◆

  • Please do not hit the iron directly.
  • Please be sure to test with inconspicuous parts.

Because it’s about 10 minutes,
Please certainly take care to a blister!

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