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The Best Match is EVIL belongs to Los Ingobernables de Japón

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“G1 CLIMAX 27” where each championship game will be held this weekend.
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The fight of Okada Kazutika player VS EVIL, the main part of the B block of the Osaka Games on August 5, has become a hot topic.

Los Ingobernables de Japon Team shirt
Los Ingobernables de Japon Team shirt

Because G1 was undefeated in 6 rounds, including the defense game, Okada Kazuchika who was undefeated for one year was to be defeated to EVIL player this day.
EVIL players stopped the momentum of Okada Kazuchika who no one could stop, so it was an article in the newspaper.
Personally, this was a game wanted to put in the best bout of G1.
Previous to the game, EVIL players announced that strategies were being devised towards Okada against Battle, “There is a weak point that only understand.”
Do not know what was the weak point even if looked at it, but the game had been attacking for a long time aiming at the head of the Okada player.
The commentator, Tanno, told the EVIL players’ mind that EVIL players who are nervous at this game, how will they attack from the stage where they are not even in the eyes of the Okada players?

EVIL players who are completely inferior was cheering for.
The G1 of this time is turning into the air that the customer wants to see where the Okada player of undefeated for 1 year, G1 is not defeated is defeated.
For that reason, it was a strange game where there were many voices to support EVIL players.
However, the content of the game was extremely deep as it is not an opponent can easily defeat.
The early stage was advanced by Okada player but it seems that the damage of Okada player was intense because EVIL player added intense attack which gives a blow to the neck at the time of the outright brawl.

However, the Okada player is superman with the stamina and resilience, so will not collapse at any technique.
Since EVIL player also has a stamina, gets up even if he receives a drop kick of a destructive okada player many times.
At the end, we repeated each other’s finish hold and return it, read the timing firmly EVIL athlete got 3 counts from Okada at the “EVIL” deformation of the large mowing.
At this point, Okada wins 12 points for B block, Kenny Omega player, EVIL player 10 points and 10 matches remaining.
It is a situation do not know what to do yet. The future opponents are Kana Omega’s SANADA player of Los Ingobernables de Japón on the 8 th, Okada player and the strong player at the 12 th.

EVIL players are Satoshi Kojima, Tama Tonga players, Okada players leave a game of Minoru Suzuki and Kenny Omega players.
A state of battle warfare where do not know the outcome of any game at all.
The A block was narrowed down to two strengths, Naito player and Tanahashi player.
It is fun to be interesting, but it is also possible that two people of the Ross Ingo Berna Bures won in the final and they could fight for the G1 victory.

TETSUYA NAITO Los Ingobernables de Japon Baseball shirt
TETSUYA NAITO Los Ingobernables de Japon Baseball shirt

It is already in the middle of this game content. There is no choice but to worry about what happens to the rest of the two games!