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The popularity of Naito who is Champion of G1 CLIMAX is amazing!!

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It seems that the number of games and the mobilization number of this year’s G1 were the largest ever.
There seems to have been more excitement than usual in some cases that the local Aichi prefectural gymnasium became a casual cessation for many years. The tournament T – shirts selling also with MID are now only 8L remaining.

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The winner is called Naito player, even if to ornamented published weekly professional wrestling appearing on the cover of a magazine.

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Present time, Goods sales of Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling is that Los Ingo Berna Bures is a fantasy.
Naito himself said that he felt “”responsible”” when saw the customer wearing Rosingo’s goods when entering the hall. It is now that the main character of New Japan has come to be able to be said to be himself, but he said should show a pro wrestling that will not betray that customer Every time the owner of Nippon Pro Wrestling who is biting Naito, the comment which appreciated Naito highly appreciated impressive.
Although was bound by the theory that popularity comes out when showing English-speaking things such as WWE in Japan, Ross Ingo Berna Brace was brought back from Mexico, and also Spanish.

It is like an evaluation point that being a player who is considering “”pro wrestling”” itself, anyway, that things that bring in something impossible are brought up so far and that Naito is just thinking about it.
All the greetings, beginning start Tranquilo, are Spanish.
Tranquilo feels that the Japanese translation of “”Do not be amazed”” is too superior (laugh) Certainly it was fresh even to say that Mike performance in Spanish is a performance.

Even such baseball player Naito likes this event.
It is said that guest appearances will be on “August 27 (Sun)” Hiroshima Toyo Carp VS Chunichi Dragons “”start ball type & baseball live broadcast.
Naito who is an enthusiastic Hiroshima Carp fans can get out for the beginning ball ceremony.
Is not it quite pleased? Because like baseball too much, making goods up to baseball shirts.

Surprised at the popularity of Naito’s popularity more than thought. Of course, it seems that the family is also pleased with the activity, and Mr. Naito’s mother seems to have come to watch the game every time, but when Naito players are taking a booze for a while (Although they are playing seriously, booing.
It was a different situation that took a bath), it seems that it did not go to the venue so much as to whether it would make me feel unbearable.
It is reasonable to say that it is said that Mr. Naito’s mother is doing a job as a cleaner of the bullet train.
May be are passing by when ride the bullet train!
And in the big match of October, it seems to make a single match with Ishii player with the challenge rights of the IWGP heavyweight championship match of 1.4.

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On that day, EVIEL nominated by champion Okada Kazutika will fight in the IWGP heavyweight title determination.
Perhaps it can be that EVIEL and Naito fight against IWGP heavyweight championship game of 1.4. From autumn it is going to be enjoying hints of up to 1.4.